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This week we would like share some of our Wedding Dress Stain Removal Tips.

Wedding day stains are fairly common, and almost anything you spill on your wedding gown will show. Here is a quick-fix guide to help you out if you find yourself in trouble. The most important thing is to have a good time and not worry about your gown after all, it is your wedding day, and there will be plenty of time to worry about your gown later. After the festivities are over, send your gown to a professional cleaner for cleaning and packaging for storage.

Makeup stains can be cleaned with a dry cloth, or a cloth slightly dampened with a small amount of water. These stains are common because everyone is dressed to impress for your special day, and often others can pass makeup onto your gown. These stains are hardly visible, so you can make it through the entire day without too much trouble.

Champagne & Wine
Wine and champagne, regardless of color, contain considerable amounts of sugar as well as some dye or coloring. You can easily spill champagne on your wedding gown at the reception, or the best man can spill it on you if he ís really nervous during his toast! Use a wet napkin to remove the stain and enjoy the rest of the day. Blot, don’t rub, the stain. Rubbing can abrade the fibers and spread the stain.

Coffee & Tea
Its still not safe after dinner. The most important thing is to keep hydrated as a bride, so if someone spills coffee and tea on you, blot the stain with seltzer water and keep on partying.

Wedding Cake
Wedding cake can get on your gown very easily, since it’s traditional to smear your new spouse at the reception. Fortunately, most cake ingredients are water soluble and can be quickly removed with soda water, or with a quick blot. Some frosting contains dyes. Try to blot with a cloth or baby wipes.

Fun is one thing that wont leave a mark on your gown. Don’t sweat the small stuff and let it ruin your big day. Remember not to let this stuff bother you so much that you end up worrying too much to have a good time. This is your wedding day! If you get a stain on your gown, chances are your cleaner can take care of it. Stop stressing! Enjoy yourself! Wedding day stains are fairly common, and almost anything you spill on your wedding gown will show.

Survival Kit
When the drinks are on the bride and groom, there can be problems. Though it will hopefully be unnecessary, it may be a good idea to pack a quick clothing care emergency kit in case disaster happens.

The stains at left are only some of the things that can take the wind from the sails of your wedding day. Snags and snares, disappearing buttons, and unexpected tears can all be quickly mended with a few everyday items, provided you have them with you.

Keep the following items handy so you can treat stains, fix tears, or replace buttons in no time flat.

  • A handful of white and clear buttons
  • White beads
  • A white cloth or handkerchief
  • Small spool of white or clear thread
  • A needle
  • Safety pins or transparent tape
  • Small bottle of rubbing alcohol
  • Small bottle of seltzer water
  • Baby wipes for stain removal

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