Our Full Range of Services

Valet Pick Up & Delivery Service

Save yourself a trip and let Signature Cleaners pick up and deliver your dry cleaning at your residence or your workplace. No more waiting in line. No more forgetting to pickup or drop-off your dry cleaning. And no more looking for parking space. Just drop your laundry and forget. We will do the rest. We will clean and press your garments and have them ready in three days or less if needed. Keep your peace of mind.

Professional Dry Cleaning

The process of dry cleaning usually begins with the treatment of soils and spots by hand. After this is complete, the clothing is put inside of a machine which work up the clothing in a manner similar to a washing machine. Cleaning product is added to the process, of course, and the stains are removed from the clothing. When this is done, the final process begins, that of drying and then “pressing”, the process which gives your shirts that crisp, smooth feel upon pick-up.

Interior Cleaning

A large amount of dust and dirt accumulates in the fabrics of window coverings, rugs, and furniture. This occurs whether or not there are pets around. The buildup in your home may also invite dust mites, among other living organisms such as fungi and bacteria. Allergies and asthma symptoms are frequently caused by these unwanted and oftentimes invisible visitors in your home.

Alterations & Tailoring

Let us tailor your garments or households to perfection. Our services range from doing a basic hem to customizing a gown. Visit one of our convenient locations to speak with one of our talented seamstresses who will provide you with expert guidance.

Cleaning of Household Items

We are experienced in Bedding, Pillow, Table cloth and Napkin cleaning. All items are individually inspected and then washed with the gentlest detergents before being finished to our exacting standards. It’s all about being crisp, fresh and perfectly clean.

Wedding Gowns

Wedding gowns are the most treasured memento of a bride’s happy day. You can trust Signature Cleaners to preserve it well and with exceptional care. Your gown will be scientifically cleaned to gently remove all traces of soil or stain.

Suede & Leather Cleaning

Our experienced suede and leather cleaning team are highly trained to produce exceptional results in restoring suede and leather to as close to the original condition as possible. Our professional cleaning and brushing service can restore them to look as good as new. Due to the complexity of the processes involved in suede and leather cleaning, service times vary depending on the degree of soiling and staining.

Shoe Repair

Shoe repair adds value to your investment in your footwear. Quality, well-maintained men’s shoes can be resolved seven to ten times at a fraction of the cost of new shoes. New soles, heels and reconditioned uppers help your shoes look new yet retain that broken-in, comfortable feeling. A quality woman’s shoe can be resolved three to five times.

Wash & Fold

Don’t worry about the hassle of doing your laundry. 

Bring it to us and we will wash and fold it for you. Priced per pound.

Folding Dress Shirt Service

For those who travel, this service is for you. Our shirts are cleaned pressed and packaged to perfection which allows them to withstand a long flight or trip. Your shirts will arrive ready to wear.