Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I sign up?

Click here or Call (215) 345-1470 – Include your sign up form with your name, address and phone number on your first order indicating that you signed up online.

Q: Where are my clothes picked up and delivered?

We will pick up and deliver your clothes to your home, your office or to the concierge in your building.

Q: Is there a minimum order?

No need to wait for a full bag of dirty clothes, we will pick up and deliver any amount.

Q: What do I put my clothes in?

Call us and we will deliver 2 Signature Cleaners bags with name tags to your designated drop off location.

Q: Do I have to be there when the pickup and delivery is made?

No our route driver will pick up and deliver your clothes at your pre-determined location.

Q: When will my clothes be picked up or dropped off?

We pick up and deliver twice a week. However, household items, repairs, leather and specialty items may take longer.

Q: What about the holidays?

We will inform you about any changes in our pickup and delivery service during the holidays.

Q: What do I do about special requests?

Place the garment in a separate plastic bag with a detailed note explaining your request.

Q: Do you do alterations?

Yes. For alterations, pin the instructions to the garment that needs alterations. Return times can vary depending on the complexity of the alteration.

Q: How do I pay for the service?

Your dry cleaning will be charged automatically to your American express, Visa. Master card or Discover Card.

Q: How do you keep my credit card safe?

We use the latest encryption and authentication services for all our web transactions so that your credit card information remains safe. If you prefer, just give us a call at (877) 779-1269 and we can assist you via phone.