Wedding Gowns

Wedding memories last a lifetime, but will your gown ?

Wedding gowns are the most treasured memento of a bride’s happy day. You can trust Signature Cleaners to preserve it well and with exceptional care.

Your gown will be scientifically cleaned to gently remove all traces of soil or stain.

Then, packed in layers of specially made acid-free tissue, it will be sealed within the inner vault of its specially designed laminated container. Whatever the occasion of future use, however distant that time may be, you will be sure that your gown will emerge in all the radiance of its first wearing. Your lovely gown is not lost from view.

There is a window on the inner cover of the container that enables you to see the gown at any time without disturbing the preservation seal. Looking to wear your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress? We can also restore your family gown to its true color!

When it comes to preserving special memories, trust Signature Cleaners, specialist for all wedding gowns and their restoration.

You can visit any one of our three locations or we offer FREE Pickup & Delivery to Philadelphia and surrounding counties. We also offer FREE shipping to and from our Bucks County facility for customers outside our delivery area. Please contact us today for a FREE consultation to discuss the details of your gown preservation.