Most people like to use dry cleaners for a simple purpose. It’s so that their shirts are cleaned in a higher-end fashion, as opposed to the manner provided by a washing machine or, say, a scrub board. Why is this type of cleaning considered to be of a better form? Well, it’s because dry-cleaning for shirt laundry is more capable at removing stains in ways that water can’t. Same thing goes for shrinkage of clothing as well: dry-cleaning does not permit for shrinking of certain fabrics like water does, either. In fact, the service of dry cleaning is actually necessary for some types of clothing – per their manufacturer label or a general rule of thumb – as any other form of washing will comprise the material itself.

Here is a brief summary of how dry cleaning works, and how it can help give your clothes a better, safer cleaning:

The process of dry cleaning usually begins with the treatment of soils and spots by hand. After this is complete, the clothing is put inside of a machine which work up the clothing in a manner similar to a washing machine. Cleaning product is added to the process, of course, and the stains are removed from the clothing. When this is done, the final process begins, that of drying and then “pressing”, the process which gives your shirts that crisp, smooth feel upon pick-up.

In addition, Signature Cleaners offers the choice of having the following premium services with the shirt laundry process.

Folded Dress Shirt Service – For those who travel, this service is for you. Our shirts are cleaned, pressed and, finally, packaged to perfection, which allows them to withstand a long flight or trip. Your shirts will arrive ready to wear.